Stop The Cuomo Tax | Invest in Clean Energy, Not Nukes
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Invest in Clean Energy, Not Nukes

clean energy

Invest in Clean Energy, Not Nukes

Is giving old, non-profitable upstate nuclear plants billions of dollars in ratepayers’ money the best way to get New York to a cleaner, renewable energy future?

This is the issue at hand as the state grapples with the laudable goal and challenges of moving to clean energy, most immediately meeting Gov.Andrew Cuomo‘s Clean Energy Standard — a commitment to generating 50 percent of electricity from renewable energy by 2030.

New York has done a lot of things right by investing in solar, wind, and energy efficiency, and by pursuing smart changes to the grid like distributed generation. These proven clean energy solutions are expanding faster and faster across the country, spurring unparalleled job growth and saving lives as renewable energy displaces dirty and dangerous energy. Cuomo is wise to prioritize making New York the national clean energy leader…

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